Trevor van Hoof

Technical artist


Welcome to my Portfolio site.
I'm a technical artist with a passion for tools, I enjoy discussing workflows, tool design & architecture, language design as well as programming tools, interaction and pretty visuals.

I'm proficient with: Python, C++, GLSL, C# and have experience with: Maya, Qt, OpenGL, Decima (Guerrilla Games' engine), Unity. Below you'll find a selection of my work, both professionally and not.

ProfessionalSpare time

As a technical artist at Guerrilla Games I work on tools and pipelines for cinematics and animation. These videos are a result of those efforts:

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - Launch Trailer | PS4 Death Stranding Trailer - The Game Awards 2017

Animation IO, low level utilities to move Maya content into Guerrilla's in-game file format. Supporting things from cameras to skeletal animation. Designed to make use of Maya 2018's parallel evaluation many animations can be evaluated and exported at once at near real-time speeds.

Cinematic exporter, the goal was to create a one button conversion from Maya (and for a while also Motion Builder).

A high performance means to convert camera sequencer data to an in-game scene, for fast integration and in-game viewing.

We added a bi-directional workflow for Maya, allowing authoring of game-content exclusively from in-game data. These in-game data modifications cam be imported back into Maya, in the right place of the sequence. This allows other tools to be leveraged: Guerrilla's game editor, auto generated content, etc.

Automation of facial animation generation from video using FaceFX and DynamXYZ, with tools to keep track of state from video delivery to hand polished animation.

Aside from this I worked on smaller tools for managing the countless in-game animation loops and enhancing Maya animation workflow with custom tools.

Guiding outsource companies to deliver to specification, documenting the cinematics pipeline & helping outsource companies to become more autonomous when working on trailers running in-engine.

In my spare time I like to work on both visuals and tools, this often comes together in something called the Demoscene. Over the past 2 years I created a content authoring tool to create 64 kilobyte executable files.

Super detailed description on my blog
This video clip was made with that tool:
Pythius - Monster Black Hole (Official Video) [Blackout]

I enjoy creating real-time visuals and team up with others. One of the biggest projects was this real time short film:

Eidolon - Poo-Brain
1st place in the PC 64k competition at Reivsion 2017

And several real time videos after that:

Party Gipfeler by Poo-Brain
3rd place in the PC 64k competition at Revision 2017

Before that I went even further into small executables. These are only 4 kilobyte programs:

Exit Strategy - Poobrainque
3rd place in the PC 4k competition at Revision 2016

Xanax - Poobrainque
Nominated best High-end 4k of 2016

I wrote the C++ runtime and animation framework, visuals (all one fragment shader) were made together with my colleague Thijs Kruithof.