I've been having fun learning about Unity lately. This is a brief list of experiments, most recent first.

Maya to Unity pipeline [update Nov 13 2013]

Added support to reset the pivot to the origin instance.
Locked objects inside instanced groups to avoid mistakes.
Added a button to convert duplicates to instances (and to update instanced groups to contain any assets new to the building block).

This is for both Maya and Unity users. It's three simple scripts to manage not only models but also prefabs from within Maya. Assembling assets and levels in Maya is often much faster, so these scripts allow instancing of Maya assets, automated exporting to multiple FBX files AND automated exporting to a prefab. Once inside Unity you can tweak the import settings and hit a Maya to Unity menu to import the finalized prefabs!

Limitations are: no reference support inside Maya (yet), no prefabs within prefabs (yet?), prefabs are overwritten upon import (custom script assignments get lost). This last limitation is something I'm currently working on in my spare time as I find it limits this tool to export only static environment prefabs.


Two scripts, one to convert something into voxels at a certain resolution and one to apply vertex colors resulted in this little scene. Started out as an experiment on LAN and AI in Unity but two days of having fun with the art style resulted in this pretty picture.

The actual artistic application of the voxel script and some pre-modelled props were done by Sietske Wielsma.

Interface system

This is still a work in progress as it needs texture packing to optimize this whole in a single draw call, but the essence is there.

Polygons are rectangles, it is possible to define anything (such as a whole piece of text) as a rectangle which can then be handled by the system's layouts. Layouts are much like divs in HTML (or like layouts in Qt), give them a percentual size and margin, or use pixels, or both! This makes it easy to create elements with a constant size but a dynamic position, such as start at 50%-50px, 100px width and that will be scalable on any screen.

Feel free to look at what I have, but know that it is not there yet. There's no user friendly inspector to design this with. In the event I get to finish it you'll probably find it in the Unity asset store.

Particle renderer

This utility renders a scene of particles, including any post processing effects into an image strip. Resolution per frame, framerate, duration and where to get transparancy from (such as grayscale, inversed grayscale, depth etc.) are the only quick settings required to turn several particle systems into a prerendered effect.

As you can see it results in just one polygon for the smoke colon, it automatically loops the result if requested and you don't even have to leave Unity. I like to have a scene per particle effect so that I can tweak and re-render it, which automatically updates the right texture so it is applied to any particle effect in my project instantly.

Cube map based shader

Unity has a utility to render a cubemap from a point in space, this way real time reflections and image based lighting can be created from a point in the scene and reapplied to it.

The .fx file runs in FXComposer and Maya, the .shader file works for Unity.

A* pathfinder

Day night cycle in a shader

Hard to tweak but not too slow, made just for fun.