Monster Black Hole – Pythius

Pythius makes Drum & Bass and is a friend of mine. So when he told me he was doing a new track and I could make the visuals I didn’t think twice about it!

The short version

The video was made using custom software and lots of programming! Generally 3D videos are made with programs that calculate the result, which can take minutes or even hours. This means that every time you change something you have to wait to see whether the result is more to your liking. With the custom software that we made, everything is instantly updated and we are looking at the end result at all time. This makes tweaking anything, from colors and shapes to animation, a breeze. It allows for much iteration as we want and turns the video creation process into an interactive playground.

The technique we use generates all the visuals with code, there are very few images and no 3D model files. Everything you see on the screen is visualized through maths. As a side effect of not using big 3D model files, the code that can generate the entire video is incredibly small. About 300 kilobytes, 10 thousand times smaller than the video file it produced!

The details

Technologies used are Python (software) Qt (interface) OpenGL (visual effects). The rendering uses Enhanced Sphere Tracing & physically based shading.

I talked about thetool development here and the rendering pipeline here in the past.
More information about advanced sphere tracing here. Which is an enhancement of this!

One thought on “Monster Black Hole – Pythius

  1. So, this is where drum n bass, programming and demoscene intersect.
    I came here thanks to this video, thanks for sharing your work and your tools here!

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