Graduation backlog

The Graduation category describes a day-to-day (or every other day or whenever I find I have something worth posting) logbook of my efforts to graduate.

The project that has been determined focuses on a rig selection tool (think Autodesk MotionBuilder), but with an extensive editor that aims to create a custom selection window for every rig, preferably taking as little time as possible. For this I will dive deeply into QT and create a functional editor and then hook it up with Maya to import defaults as well.

An additional part is an improved Maya timeline, that displays more information and is easier to use than the current Timeline. This is however another project entirely and I’ll get to posting about it once I start working on that, although completing both is my graduation assignment.

After having a bit more than a month of break between my specialization and graduation and doing a lot of other stuff inbetween, I now look back upon the code and curse myself for slacking off with the commenting in the later bit.

I learned some Unity stuff and realized that commenting every 2 lines is a lot more helpful both when learning something (and reading it over again) as well as when reviewing something from a while ago as you can simply ignore the code and just read the comments.

With this in mind I created a new package and started writing a custom GraphicsView class and all it’s siblings. I also took in mind that classes should fend for themselves as much as possible.

Although the mouseMoveEvent is in the GraphicsView class, it is clearer to just pass it to the MouseData and let the mouse data find out it’s own state, leaving the GraphicsView to handle more important things in those events.

But first I wish to be able to test outside of Maya, so let’s setup a main application.

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